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NTR101 Cover art

Dead Signals
Disfigured Mistress


Night Terror Recordings are extremely proud to present the debut release from Disfigured Mistress, the 11 track disasterpiece of hellish industrial experimentation & audio psychosis that is 'Dead Signals'! Hailing from NTR's new home, the Australian city of Brisbane, Disfigured Mistress brings a whole new take on industrial to the table that incorporates elements of EBM, electro, noise & hardcore techno to create a highly toxic brew of hate, anguish, grief & despair that after just a few listens will convince you that it's time to murder your psychiatrist...ENJOY!!

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NTR100 Cover art

Woke Up In Darkness


For our 100th release, Night Terror Recordings our proud to bring you the debut NTR EP from Germany's Kompressor - 'Woke Up In Darkness'! 5 tracks of punishing kick-drum driven madness guaranteed to make you want to burn down your nearest government building! Here's to another 100 releases, cheers & ENJOY!

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NTR099 Cover art

The End


Night Terror Recordings are very proud to present you with the debut release of Spanish producer Kramerr! 'The End' is a four track EP of crushing darkcore & doom loaded with darkness & despair, a fantastic debut and yet another worthy addition to the NTR archives, ENJOY!!

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NTR098 Cover art

Extreme Brainrape


For NTR098 we are very proud to bring you the first ever Night Terror Recordings appearance of Polish extreme speedcore producer Loffciamcore! 'Extreme Brainrape' is as the title suggests, 8 tracks of mind-fucking insanity featuring some deranged speedcore, splittercore, extratone, harsh noise & trash core, ENJOY!!

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NTR097 Cover art

Black Sights


German Darkcore & Doomcore producer Bazer is back at NTR with his second release; the 5 track slab of pure darkness that is 'Black Sights'!! Following on from his first NTR release Bazer continues with the Doom vibes once again adding some Ambient & Acid influences to make this yet another killer release, ENJOY!!

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NTR096 Cover art



Veteran Australian breakcore producer Noistruct is back on board the unholy ship Night Terror with a brand new EP, 'Sacrilege'. This is an all live-produced, macabre and noisy anti-christ darkstep breakcore nightmare of an EP that was recorded appropriately enough on Halloween 2013. This EP contains the finished track and 2 remixes as well as a bonus remix pack with the two stems recorded from the original recording session as a special treat for all the budding producers out there in the electronic wastelands...ENJOY!!

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NTR095 Cover art

The Gatekeeper
Adam Freethinker


Notorious international thought-criminal Adam Freethinker has provided NTR with an exclusive album length release of all new material! Nine tracks of high octane high calibre hardcore techno that is tastefully attired in a stylish digital jacket designed by Mattia Travaglini, ENJOY!

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NTR094 Cover art

X-Ray Dreams
Dark Frequencer


Poland's Dark Frequencer returns to NTR for a fourth release - the disturbing, otherworldly masterpiece that is 'X-Ray Dreams'! With less focus on beats than on his previous NTR releases Dark Frequencer is able to focus more intently on evoking an eerie, unearthly ambience that is reminiscent of classic-era horror and fantasy film scores but with a definite unique twist, making this EP the ideal original soundtrack to your own most bizarre and disturbing nightmares! As always, ENJOY!

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NTR093 Cover art

DDI Doomed Dark Industrializer


NTR are very proud to present the debut EP from Bazer, a new darkcore / doomcore producer from the the Ruhr district in Germany! The 'Doomed Dark Industrializer' EP contains four doom-laden acid and ambient influenced darkcore tracks of the high quality NTR listeners have now grown accustomed to! Having already collaborated with such great artists as Raum 107 & Kramerr and now with an NTR release to his name, Bazer is definitely a producer worth keeping an ear out for in the future - ENJOY!!

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NTR092 Cover art

Leben Uber Alles - The Alchemists Prophecies
Mental D-struction


In conjunction with our net-label comrades Splatterkore Reck-ordz and NKS, Night Terror Recordings are extremely proud to bring you this very special release of all new material from the French extreme electronica artist, Mental D-struction! "An impressive journey into the deep feeling of being an universal element: Mutation of matter. This EP, palpably built with atmospheric soundscapes and industrial experimental break rhythms will bring you to a high phenomenal dimension. Darkest days are now behind, allowing a futuristic present with more light and faith. Cleansing the shadows of our past, Connecting the Ancients with the Now." Four expertly crafted dark, melancholic and uplifting electronic meditations on existence, the perfect soundtrack for accelerating your evolution, ENJOY!

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